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Why do U.S. manufacturers use Maida International for exports?

  • Instant access to global markets through a proven sales channel.
  • No cost, expert handling of day-to-day export matters without adding personnel.
  • Elimination of export receivables, shipping problems and special documentation.
  • Global sales promotion and product support through established local agents.

Water Treatment FaciltyMaida International has invested over 25 years refining its ability to satisfy customer demand across business, country and cultural borders. As a provider of end-to-end managed global sales channels for U.S. manufacturers, we have a proven track record for generating profitable revenue growth and improved product loyalty. Through our established network of international agents, we offer instant access to world markets.

Our organization consists of an administrative center in New York and a responsive network of technically qualified international sales agents and distribu¬tors specialized in process control instrumentation and related industrial products. Our New York staff includes customer service and product specialists as well as export documentation, sales financing and global distribution specialists who manage the commercial aspects of each international transaction. Clients see a promptly quoted, attractively priced, name brand product, delivered, installed and serviced by capable in-country agents.

Sewage Treatment FacilityA critical service for any client is after-sale support. Maida International’s network of local agents not only supports new clients, but generates significant repeat business. US manufacturers see the virtual elimination of foreign receivables, increased international orders, and profit-protected revenues bookable at the time of order.

Creating and managing international sales channels has been Maida International’s core business for over two decades. We build into every business decision and relationship a commitment to maintaining our principals’ high standards of accuracy, quality and service.

Maida International is the international link between U.S. manufacturers and end-users around the world.

U.S. Manufactured Process Controls
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